PC versus Console, the Battle of Champions

It seems like an age-old debate, yet one that keeps coming up, time and time again.  Which is better for gaming: computers, or game consoles?  Of course, the answer varies on who you ask.  That is because each person’s play style is unique, just like each game is unique, so it really depends on mechanics.  You have to judge for yourself in any given situation, because there are pros and cons to each.  I wanted to discuss this topic here, by breaking down both sides of the argument, to try and discover why there such defined camps of thought regarding this subject.

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E-sports and Summer Events

TI4Everyone knows that summertime is game-time.  No, I’m not talking about contact sports, going out to the park or beach, or anything like that.  Some people like to hit the trails and go camping when the weather turns warm.  Some people (like my mom,) use this time of year to do things that are actually productive, like projects involving the house.

You and I are not those kinds of people.  At least, I’m definitely not.  You see, when the weather gets warmer, I retreat further indoors, where there is air conditioning.  It’s also really difficult to bring a computer on hiking trails.  It’s difficult to watch new movies and TV shows in the sun.  I don’t need to go on wild adventures when school lets out, because there are adventures waiting for me in cyberspace.  The summertime is the best time for gaming, and entertainment.

So I wanted to spend some time discussing this summer’s gaming highlights.  I’m talking about tournaments, new releases or expansions, and things to keep to your eyes open for.  My coverage will include the newest, as well as the upcoming, and what I regard to be the most exciting news in this particular industry.

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New Games and Tech to Keep an Eye Out For


I really can’t get enough of games, and 2014 promises to be the most thrilling yet.  There are several new releases that I’m excited for, and about.  So here are some of my favorite choices for this year, either just released or on the horizon, for the PC and for consoles.

Civilization V:

This just premiered in the beginning of June.  For those of you who haven’t jumped on the ‘Civilization’ bandwagon, I suggest you do so.  The Civilization series are some of the best games ever released, with interactive environments that take you through the ages of humanity.  Build, trade, and even go to war with your friends, as you use different tactics to progress your society from the Bronze Age to the Space Age.

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